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Our Nutrition

We Are the best in Nutrition & Health in KUWAIT.

Calorie Control was established in 2006 as one of the leading and specialized companies in the field of healthy nutrition in Kuwait. What’s more, we do not accept advertising, which grants us complete freedom from corporate influences and provides our readers with a better online experience. Our staff is united in a shared commitment to achieve better health for everyone.




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Our Diet Programs

We don’t launch any kind of diet program until it is approved after being carefully studied, as what distinguishes us is the accuracy of our programs in terms of purpose and content.

In this regard, we have developed many kinds of diets to suit everyone, such as programs to increase or lose weight, and special programs such as those for patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, colon or women who are breastfeeding, as well as programs for vegans and athletes. In terms of content, calories are calculated as well as the number of appropriate meals included in the program, and of course, in line with the program's goal.

Our Dietitians

We are always keen for our Dietitians to be at the highest level of scientific and practical qualification, as they have the experience

and competence that enables them to provide appropriate health solutions and instructions, and to determine the optimal nutritional program for each client, and they also have a great deal of responsibility that makes them always interested in the client's health condition, in addition to his eating habits, while doing the follow-up and providing guidance until he reaches his hopeful goal.

Our Meals

Don't be surprised by the praise you might hear about the quality of our food and how delicious it is, or when you hear the expression "like the one prepared at home",

as we've been working hard over the years to ensure that. since Calorie Control was founded in 2006, our preoccupation at every moment has been how to combine healthy, delicious food, with a variety to suit all tastes, and at the same time that suits different diets.